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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Cookiepreneurship 101- Are you a Baker or a Cookiepreneur?

I sold my first cupcake in the 6th grade and loved the feeling of earning money for myself.

It’s funny because as I got older, instead of trying to build my own business at an early age, I tried to play by the rules of society and do what I thought my parents expected of me.

I got a regular job, went to college, heck I even wanted to become an Attorney at some point and work for a big law firm somewhere, but somehow, on some level all of that felt wrong to me.

For the longest time, I have to admit I felt like a loser in the corporate world.  I knew I was bright, I tried my best to work well with others, but somehow, I just was not a fit.  I would either wind up getting bored or feeling restless within a couple of weeks.  If not ,I would find myself wanting to change the system around as soon as I learned it, I always thought I could teach my boss a thing or two about how they could make the system more efficient, sound familiar? 

I was bored out of my mind if my position did not entail mutli-tasking or doing something that was not tedious. I often got in trouble for speaking up “too much”.  One time I even had a boss tell me that he did not pay me to “think” he paid me to do as I was told, that should have clued me in.  

As I recall, even as I was working a regular 9-5 I was always trying different ventures on the side.  I would go to real-Estate Seminars, MLM campaigns, sold jewelry on the side, set up a catering business with my best friend at the time, you name it , I did it, looking back, I was always trying to get my own thing going on the side.   

I felt like a loser most of my adult life when I tried to work for others and never understood why. Thanks to one of the most successful copywriters of all time , I finally understood that I was not a failure or a weirdo when I watched him speak at the Attract Wealth Seminar in Austin Texas some years back. 

Remember those infomercials with the Blu-blocker sunglasses? 

Joe Sugarman, a seasoned businessman, BILLIONAIRE , President of the Blu-blocker Corporation and one of the most successful copywriters in American history was the one that opened my eyes to the fact that most Entrepreneurs don’t really easily fit in . We are a special breed of person that has many of the following characteristics.

*Creative – Thinks outside the box.

*Risk Taker- We often take risks most people are not even willing to consider.

*Confident – In spite of our flaws, we have an underlying confidence in ourselves.

*Become easily bored- Restless ;)

*Restless- Never quite satisfied, unquenchable thirst for growth and knowledge

*Perfectionist- Can tend to be a bit of a perfectionist.

*Generous- Generous on some level ( likes to share , give back or pay it forward)

* BOSS- I hate to admit this, but we do NOT like to take orders from others. Clearly most people do not, but for us it’s particularly painful.     

*Resilient- Bounces back like a rubber ball after each failure. Turns lemons into lemon cookies.

*Optimistic- In spite of a grim outlook, we tend to remain optimistic.

*Visionary- See opportunity where others do not.

*Unrelenting drive to succeed- You do NOT know the meaning of the word Failure.

Okay, so by now you get the idea right? Can you relate to this on any level?   

I have a sneaking suspicion that most of you who are reading this, can in fact relate to most, if not all of the aforementioned characteristics.  If not you may be asking yourself, well what’s the big deal? Why do I need to be like this in order to run a cookie business? After all, all it takes is a bit of talent as a baker and cookie designer/decorator… WRONG! I say, and I will tell you why.

You may in fact, have an amazing set of hands and be Sylvia Weinstock of cookies, and you already have the creativity part down, but if you do not start to develop some of these characteristics, particularly, optimism, resilience, and an unrelenting drive to succeed it will be very difficult for you to navigate the business of cookies, or most any other business.

Some people believe that you are born with these, I believe that they can be learned !

In order to survive and succeed in this business, at times you will have to be one tough cookie (pun intended), in order not to throw in the towel.  Running a small business, particularly while managing a family/household and working a full or other part time job requires an unwavering drive and focus that not everyone possesses.

This business may be sweet, but it is not for wimps.  This may sound harsh but I have learned that in order succeed in business you need to have the right mindset, otherwise you will be ready to throw in the towel the first time you burn 200 cookies or one of your cakes falls apart in transit.  I am here to make sure that does not happen to you (Not the cake and cookies, that, I’m afraid is inevitable, I mean the quitting part)       

Okay, so suppose, you feel this is just not you, or you don’t want to deal with the business end of this. Hey that’s fine, in that case either capitalize on your skills and go work for someone who will pay you a generous salary (That will be a future post about learning to price your cookies properly) or have your spouse, partner, friend or whomever else run the business end  for you. You can bake, be creative and leave everything else up to them.

So ladies, in short I will admit it, I am an unapologetic champion for female entrepreneurs everywhere. We are the champions of society, we do it all, with love, compassion, dedication, drive and fearlessness so kudos to you, my fellow Jean D’arc’s of Cookies! I celebrate you for being the few, fearless females out there, changing the world one cookie at a time. 

See you next week when we will start to discuss a bit of the mechanics of what makes for an amazing cookie business that stands out among the rest.

Again, if you have any general questions please feel free to email me at or leave your questions in the comment section. 

I would love to hear from you, Let me know when you first discovered that you were a Cookiepreneur?

Always remember, If you can see it, you can be it! Never give up, NEVER!

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